Change in Video Copyright Opens Floodgates For Comedy

tellyjuice on youtube

Millions of YouTubers will be rejoicing today, as yesterday a new exception to the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1998 was revealed. It will allow the use of TV shows, films and songs to be used in parodies, creative montages or ‘mash-ups’, with one caveat – the video must be funny.

The new European Copyright Directive comes into effect today.  Now, owners of the copyrighted works will only be able to sue if the parody conveys a discriminatory message – and if taken to court, that subjective decision will be made by the judge.

Free Expression

Previously it was illegal to use Copyrighted material, without prior permission in the form of a costly license from the Copyright owner. The law has been changed because of the view that parody is a form of free expression and creativity.

TellyJuice Favourites

Here is the brilliant ‘Newport State of Mind’ a parody of the Jay Z and Alicia Keys song, performed by rappers and YouTubers Alex Warren and Terema Wainwright. In 2010 it was forced off YouTube due to the old copyright law. Now it’s back on YouTube to enjoy guilt-free in all its Welsh glory.

Fair Dealing

Be warned however, copying a whole work without changing it will not be allowed. For example, it would not be considered “fair dealing” to use an entire music track on a spoof video.

Classic Mash-Ups

Here is another classic YouTube favourite by artist Cassetteboy, watched by over 5 million viewers.

And finally, President Obama “singing” Barakdubs’s version of Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’.

We’re looking forward to seeing what other mash-ups appear on YouTube in the next few weeks.  Visit TellyJuice’s YouTube Channel for our own parodies and spoofs.

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