Why Every Business Should Have a YouTube Channel

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Here at Tellyjuice we believe in the power of video, and we’re big fans of YouTube (for work and play). YouTube isn’t just for the Zoellas of this world, we create videos that help our clients spread the word about their businesses and engage with their customers.

So here’s a quick guide to what makes YouTube the ideal way to take your business to the next level:

Simply The Best

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that YouTube has grown into one of the biggest and most popular sites on the web, with a monthly audience of one billion! Its influence spills onto the real world as it creates worldwide trends, new media stars and huge buzz for brands. So, what better time to join the video revolution?

Better than text

Watching a video is easier than reading, that won’t come as a surprise to anyone. It makes information about your company or product much easier to digest, engaging with the viewer in a much more powerful and memorable way. People appreciate informative or entertaining videos about your products that illustrate how to choose the ones for their needs, how to use or fix them, and what special features are available.

OMG! SEO Results

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A good video increases the overall quality of your site, making people spend more time on it and more likely to share content from it via social media or email. This makes search engines happy, helping your website rank higher and higher in relation to your competitors, drawing more people to your company.

How to optimise your YouTube video: VSEO

After you upload your video to YouTube, be sure to enter all the relevant titles and tags. Use your key phrase in the title, description and tag, with supporting words to add context and help Google work out what your video is about. YouTube is mostly used within the SEO context to get your website on the first page of Google rankings. The most popular videos on YouTube will appear on Google’s search results if they are properly constructed within the YouTube website. In return, when uploading your YouTube video, you may get a higher spot in the search engine results if you have entered the best keywords, descriptions and tags to help your target market find you.

Embed your videos on your site

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If you embed your videos into your blogs or website, you increase the chances that more people will view your videos, which leads to a greater increase in the popularity of your website, resulting in higher SEO. Google prefers web pages that have embedded YouTube video content into their websites and these pages get higher ranking than those without YouTube video content.

Know your audience, measure your success

Youtube Analytics is a great tool with all the information you need to manage your audience. It allows you to find out who’s watching your videos and when, if you’re reaching your intended demographic, and what you should be doing to increase your reach.

Remember, there’s a billion potential viewers out there!

Everywhere on the web, everywhere you go

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Sharing is a huge part of online video, and YouTube is the website of choice for users sharing video on all social media platforms. And what can be even better than online video? Why, online video on the go, of course! Mobile views make up more than 40% of YouTube’s view time, so your audience is always within reach.

Make great videos

The better your video, the higher the chance that it will be watched and shared.

So, if this makes you feel as excited about the possibilities of online video as we are, give us a call here at TellyJuice and we can help you get going, creating great online video content to keep your YouTube channel fresh, keeping your audience and potential customers interested, and getting your business noticed on the web!

We make brand films, animated explainer videos, web videos, corporate videos and online commercials. Call us, or email us to start your video journey.

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