One Way of Using all Those Amazon boxes: Creative Inspiration

In the run up to Christmas if you’re anything like us, you’ll have a lot of Amazon boxes arriving on your doorstep this month.

During its peak period last year, Amazon sold 306 items per second, that’s 26 million items per day. If you do the sums correctly that works out to… a lot of cardboard boxes.

Of course most people recycle, but the awesome Canadian band Walk Off The Earth have come up with a far more creative solution, as seen in this sweet video for their track “Little Boxes.”

We love this video at TellyJuice Towers, not only do the lyrics encourage creative individuality (or quite literally thinking outside the box), but also check out the instruments – ukeleles made of cigar boxes. Both beautiful and genius. To see them in more detail watch this ‘Making Of’ video.

Next time the postman delivers an Amazon box… engage your creativity and see what you can come up with! Then call us at TellyJuice Creative Video Agency and as makers of remarkable videos, we’ll create an awesome video for you.