Filmmaking Like You’ve Never Seen Before: Loving Vincent

We are huge fans of all things film, here at TellyJuice.  So Loving Vincent, the world’s first fully-painted film is nothing short of wondrous and awesome (in its truest sense of the word).  It’s the story of Vincent Van Gogh: the world’s most famous painter, who cut off his own ear and eventually shot himself sitting at his easel.  Love him or loathe him, you can’t help but admire director Dorota Kobiela’s creative ingenuity in her first feature film.

Each one of the 65,000 frames of the movie have been hand-painted by over 125 oil painters in the style of Vincent Van Gogh – a gargantuan and painstaking task!

Van Gogh’s paintings have literally been brought to life and the story they tell is his world, his story, through his eyes as an artist. The technical accuracy is astounding and even the portrait frames which didn’t fit the standard width of a landscape movie format were researched and the correct historical context was added.  Loving Vincent’s world premiere was only 3 weeks ago and last week it won Best Animation at the Shanghai Film festival.

You’ll never be able to look at Starry Night in the same way… We’re loving your work, Dorota.

Here’s the making of (possibly just as amazing as the film itself):

The film hasn’t been screened in the UK yet but the Juicers will be queuing at the ticket office when it does! We may not get the paint brushes out just yet, but we’ll continue to lovingly create high-end films and video for our clients.