NEWS: ASA Crack Down on Gender Stereotypes

ASA Crack Down on Gender Stereotypes

The Advertising Standards Authority will crack down on adverts that feature stereotypical gender roles. We have long been suffering the sexism of scantily-clad models (both male and female) who are objectified for the purpose of selling a product.

Adverts that contain models who are too thin, beauty products with misleading claims, over-sexualised content, and gender stereotypes will be banned and disallowed by the UK Watchdog in rules that will take effect later this year. Good news, right?  However…

Cleaning adverts are still allowed to be sexist!

Wait – what? The ASA claims that adverts that show a woman cleaning or a man doing DIY are acceptable. Don’t men need cleaning products? Without female partners doing the housework would they be forced to live in a foul and filthy, squalid hovel?  And what are we teaching our girls?  That it’s their job to clean up after their men?  What are we teaching our boys?  It’s too feminine to clean up after yourself?

The amount of women in cleaning adverts is disproportionate to real life. The Office for National Statistics said that men average 16 hours a week of household chores (including childcare) compared to 26 hours for women. At TellyJuice we believe that gender divisions of labour are a thing of the past and so should women-only cleaning adverts. Objectifying men and women simply demonstrates a lack of creativity.

However you certainly can’t say that about the new Cillit Bang campaign (see below).

Out with the Old


  1. Who doesn’t love an adorable singing dog?  But would it be impossible to get a man to clean up after the dog?


Look Dad, do the kid a favour and teach him some real life lessons! Get him to wash up and you can help – instead of sitting on your backside reading the paper while the woman does it.


Generations of women – all cleaning.


A double whammy of sexism.  A woman cleaning whilst swooning over a hunky fireman.  Is this is the 1950s?


Seriously, this is a fairy tale?  Is this what happens after Cinderella marries Prince Charming – she cleans the bathroom with Cif?

In with the New!

OK, so not all mechanics are male, that in itself could be called gender stereotyping, but this male cleans.  With style.  Madonna’s front dancer, Daniel Cloud Campos makes using Cillit Bang look awesome.

This advert by BETC Paris is entertaining with its compelling and complex dance routine (how cool is that roll over the tyres?) but a much needed departure from women-only cleaning adverts. We’ll never forget Barry Scott ‘BANG AND THE DIRT IS GONE’ who informed us that “1000s of women are changing their cleaning product to Cillit Bang”.  If only he’d said “1000s of people,” then he could have been the cleaning hero.

Come on advertising industry… let’s clean up gender stereotyping.