Inspire your Creativity

A wonderful film about the meaning of creativity, and how 21 famous artists, movie directors, musicians find ways to inspire their creativity.

Watch and enjoy, just as we did.

Creativity is … Your spirit.

Lee Daniels, Actor, Film Producer and Director

True creativity comes from restrictions and limitations.

Paul Schrader, Screen Writer & Film Director

It takes some stubbornness for creativity to

Hans Zimmer, Film Composer & Music Producer

You could argue that the meaning of life is to create, that we’re all here to contribute.

Karim Rashid, Designer and Architect

Creativity begins not with being asked to do something… not with the fee from a client… not from telling you the number of twitters you get (or whatever it’s called) … but really from just the discovery of assuaging curiosity.

Richard Saul Wurman, TED Founder, Director and Writer.

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