Why live events make great corporate videos

Picture the scene.

Your company is holding an event. It might be an awards do, a product launch, a conference or a networking event. It might even be one of those ‘adventurous’ team-building weekends which require the group to scale a mountain, fight a bear and build an IKEA wardrobe.

Now imagine that you don’t hire a professional photographer. No one sees photos after the event, and your team have very little content to share on social media (apart from those blurry, badly-lit iPhone images of Sharon from accounting taking out the bear with a vicious right hook).

Hiring a photographer helps to extend the conversation about your event long after it takes place, and shows everyone who wasn’t there what they were missing.

The same applies to video content, except that the benefits can be even more far-reaching. Filming an event for the express purpose of making a corporate video can be a great way to avoid the common corporate video pitfalls and create something new and refreshing to show off your company.

Here are just some of the reasons to create a corporate video from your life event.

You can capture real reactions

One of the surest ways to create a cringy corporate video is bad acting from employees who clearly would rather be anywhere else.

Filming a live event eliminates (or at least vastly reduces) the possibility of having to create a video using endless footage of your employees “having fun at work”. You might have the best job in the world, but that doesn’t mean you sit at your computer smiling like the Cheshire Cat every second of the day.

Filming your employees interacting with colleagues or contemporaries at a live event will capture natural human interaction; genuine laughter and genuine interest.

Part of capturing the genuine interactions at your event could even involve going ‘behind the scenes’ with some of your employees. Capturing on-the-spot reactions from award winners or honest feedback from event attendees can help add some humour and emotion to your corporate video.

If you can achieve this, then possibly the most difficult part of making your video has been completed.

You will have much more flexibility

Live events, even short ones, can create a vast cache of useable material. Even if your event only lasts an hour a relatively small team of camera operators should be able to gather enough footage for a video production company to create a range of narratives.

Whether you want the footage to function as an event highlight reel for social media, an advert for the company, an internal corporate video or something totally different, you’ll have the flexibility to make that dream a reality.

A corporate video of a live event can also function as an excellent training tool, looking back over highlights from the event and investigating whether anything could be improved in the future.

Your video can be an inspiration

Don’t underestimate the positive message a corporate video can send out, both to your employees and to prospective clients and new hires.

A corporate video of a live event is a great way to tell your brand story. You can present a fun-loving, social and modern face to the outside world while also ensuring that your employees look confident and professional.

It can also be a great boost to employees within your company, making those who were at the event into mini-celebrities for the day and encouraging those who didn’t attend to check it out next time.

It’s a chance to share your success

A live event is often a way for a company to signal and celebrate its successes. A corporate video of your event will not only demonstrate your successes to the wider world – and enable a conversation over social media – it will also demonstrate your company culture and the drive of your employees to be the best in their field.

Whatever you’re looking to achieve with your corporate video, filming a live event can be one of the best ways to create a slick, funny and honest portrayal of your company.