New Freesat Idents for ITV

Freesat asked us to create a series of new sponsorship idents that would air on ITV during their peaktime entertainment schedule.

They wanted the idents to be on-brand for Freesat to drive awareness and recognition of the Freesat brand, but also look and feel at home amongst itv’s entertainment line up.

“No problem”, we said.

Freesat asked if we could turn the job around in just 7 days so that they could begin airing on Saturday night.

“No problem”, we said (but in a slightly higher & squeakier pitch).

After pulling an all-weekender (the work type, not the partying type) our graphics dynamos came up with these.

To fit in with Freesat’s branding, we used their eye-catching colour palette.  In Cinema 4D we also created a paper pom-pom character who can bust a move to any music genre.

Freesat loved the result and the idents are now being aired on ITV as part of their Saturday night entertainment lineup.