Marshal’s Law Comedy Series Picked Up By London Live

TellyJuice’s sister company Golden Tortoise, which produces comedy films and television series, has sold its 12 x 30 minute series Marshal’s Law to London Live, London’s 24-hour entertainment television channel.

Marshal’s Law Launch Promo

Production Company: Golden Tortoise
Written By: Jason Attar & Niall Towl
Starring: Jason Attar & Hatty Ashdown

A Hybrid Comedy

Marshal’s Law was written by Jason Attar & Niall Towl and stars Jason as both the lead Lesland Marshal and his evil twin brother Donny. The comedy is a hybrid of scripted drama with improvised comedy, using real people in the narrative, captured by hidden cameras. Writer and lead Jason says,

Interacting with real people is so interesting; you don’t know what is going to happen next, which makes the filmed scene very real. Also the interaction makes the pace of conversation very natural. People generally like to be involved if they are having a fun or interesting time.

Marshal’s Law 5 minute taster

Marshal’s Law Premis

Lesland Marshal is Britain’s most eager but possibly most inept ‘hobby bobby’. Lesland dreams of becoming a fully-fledged policeman but in the meantime spends his days patrolling his local community patch as a Police Community Support Officer, trying to woo his childhood friend Dawn (played by Hatty Ashdown).  The series will be aired on London Live soon, date tba.  Jason says,

We are very happy for London Live to show Marshal’s Law. It was shot in London and will be shown in London.

Here is the title sequence, made by TellyJuice.

Marshal’s Law Opening Titles