News: Creative forces join Creative Industries Federation

This week saw the launch of The Creative Industries Federation – a new body representing the UK’s creative community. The federation is the brainchild of Sir John Sorrell, chair of the University of Arts. It is led by the chair of the Turner Contemporary art gallery Kohn Kampfner and more than 200 arts organisations and commercial creative companies have joined the Creative Industries Federation including Tate, BBC, British Library, British Film Institute, British Fashion Council, Design Museum, English National Ballet, Penguin and Warner Bros.

One Voice

One aim of the Creative Industries Federation is to bring together everyone in the creative industry, be it multinational companies or small start-ups, from both public and private sectors. The federation will provide a single and independent voice for all which will strengthen the creative sector, which is often ignored economically in favour of the manufacturing or the financial sector. Sorrell said

It is time for the UK’s creative industries to have a strong, independent membership body with a powerful voice. For too long they have found themselves under-represented in spite of their huge contribution.

Creative Contribution

The arts, including film, music and television are estimated to add £71 billion to the UK economy and employ 1.7 million people. Many industries are based in London, and are vital to the changing character of the city and regeneration of the East End especially. Places like Shoreditch (home to TellyJuice) are unimaginable without the creative industries. The contribution of creative industries is also global: exerting a huge and overwhelmingly positive influence of Britain’s image, which in turn leads to economic reward. In short, the federation aims to promote the value of our creative industries and nurture them more actively than we currently do.


Wider registration to the Creative Industries Federation is due to begin in December. Learn more about the Creative Industries Federation and how to join.