The Missing Scarf – Story is Everything

Staff Pick

We love, love, love this short film created by Eoin Duffy in conjunction with The Irish Film Board.

It’s a wonderful piece of motion design (created over 5 months in Adobe Flash and Blender 3D) that has brains AND beauty. It’s a story of existential angst that manages to be cute, dark, funny and philosophical.

Other than the meaning of life, death and the universe, what can we learn from Canada-based Duffy’s masterpiece?

Content Vs Beauty

Many animated videos are aesthetically pleasing – beautiful even. But without a hook, a story, or at the very least a well told message, the video is dull and loses the viewers’ attention after a few moments.

Story is everything.

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Deservedly, the 5 minute The Missing Scarf has it all and is no doubt the reason it has won a crazy amount of awards and is even eligible for an Oscar in 2016.

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