Separate Your Content From The Rest of the Dross!

Content marketing is about providing valuable information to current and potential customers for the purpose of building awareness, trust and positivity about your brand.

Its primary focus is to build a relationship – NOT the hard sell.

But what will guarantee to separate your content from the rest of the dross out there? Here is a foolproof guide for your content creation.

1. Make it mobile

Mobile will overtake desktop usage in the next two years. Not incorporating mobile in your content strategy would be foolish.

Google’s recent rollout of its new algorithm, Hummingbird, along with the complete revocation of keyword data from Google Analytics, reinforce this prediction.

Create content that can be viewed on the go. Use mobile friendly formatting, create shorter blogs and succinct videos.

2. Make it original

There’s already too much drivel on the web so if you want to demand any attention you must create content that is genuinely ‘rich’. Use personal experience and story telling. Find a way to tell your business story in an original way.

3. Make it useful

Provide valuable information and you will build trust in your brand or business.

4. Make it consumable

Visual content is critical for marketers who want to catch and keep viewers’ attention. Invest in things like infographics and videos to help you make your content more interesting and entertaining and easier to consume.

5. Make it easy to share

Include prominent social media buttons and if your content ticks all the above boxes, you will be rewarded with greater traffic and loyal customers. Create embed codes for your video and infographics. Getting others to publish your content will drive traffic back to your own site.

For further help on the next steps to creating foolproof content EMAIL US for some no strings attached advise.