An Inspirational Marketing Idea That Gives Back To Society

It’s nice to go to bed knowing you’ve done a productive day’s work. Maybe your recent marketing strategy has won accolade from your CEO. Maybe your head is still reeling from the success of your latest Google Analytics Report. Or maybe, just maybe your hard work has paid off in the best form of ROI possible – good hard cash.

But wouldn’t you sleep a little better knowing that as well as being a successful marketing genius, you’ve also paid a little back to society?

Here is an example of a marketing idea with a conscience:
One that is socially responsible, creative and innovative.

In order to present itself as a people-centred business, Thailand’s big DIY brand: HomePro collaborated with BBDO Bangkok to create “The Other Side” campaign.

Since Thailand’s homeless population often appropriates road-side billboards in order to create make-shift shelters, HomePro acknowledging this use, created a new billboard campaign on tougher, more sturdy boards. One side displayed the HomePro advertisement and the other side was decorated with wallpaper and installed with practical fixings such as shelves, rods, hooks, lights and mirrors.

HomePro campaing
The advert on the front side. The lights, shelves and mirrors on the reverse.

When the billboards had served their use as marketing tools for HomePro, they could then be up-cycled to provide more reliable & practical shelter for Bangkok’s less fortunate.

Thai Shelter
The outside view and inside ‘decor’ of a HomePro Thai shelter.