So You Wanna Be In TV?


Have you dreamed of a career in television but just can’t get your first break?

Have you applied and applied for jobs but don’t even get to interview stage?

Do you feel like if only you could get your foot in the door, you could prove to everyone that you’re worth your weight in tv gold?

We can help.

TellyJuice have partnered with So You Wanna Be in TV? a social enterprise run by people who work and have worked in tv.

So You Wanna Be In TV? helps under 25 year olds to get their foot on the first rung of the tv ladder. In particular young people from under represented groups of society. Among their many support services, they offer:

  • mentoring
  • cv help
  • connections
  • confidence building
  • work experience opportunities

TellyJuice has made this showreel for So You Wanna Be in TV? to attract more sponsors and partners, so that they can offer an even broader range of opportunities.