Storytelling: How to find your story and tell it creatively

What’s your business story?

Everyone has one.  It could be the reason why you set up your company in the first place, it could be a recent success story or case study, it could be what makes your brand different to others.

Finding a story to tell is key, as humans are programmed to engage with stories. Stories evoke emotion and pull your audience in.  Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world.

TellyJuice is a corporate video production company, so our story is to help businesses like yours to produce great creative content, that will engage your target audience with your brand.  However, to quote Barbara Greene

If you tell me – it’s an essay, if you show me – it’s a story.

So let this video show you how…

The story behind the storytelling

The video was made over two lunchtimes.  We shot it around the office, in the kitchen (using Harry’s lunch, which by the time he got to eat it, was very soggy) and in the meeting room.  We used different sheets of wrapping paper as the background and occasionally the office walls.  We shot with one of our Canon 5D at HD resolution and lit with natural day light and a couple of studio lights.  On day 2 we brought in a few props from home, the tea cups, the Scrabble board, the trophies and piggy bank.  The only prop left to source was a circuit board.  Whilst Emma was happy to pull apart the office radio and more than likely kill it, Jason saved the day by finding not only one – but three circuit boards in the recycling bin outside.  What are the chances of that?

More on storytelling

Storytelling is our business.

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If you need help finding your story, or telling it with creative video, please get in touch.