TellyJuice Creates In Your Area Advert

The latest ad created by TellyJuice is guaranteed to get you singing. We were asked by local-news website In Your Area to create a launch commercial that would get their brand name firmly planted at the forefront of people's minds. Director Kate decided the best creative for this would be an advert with a catchy song. Kate wrote the lyrics and asked several music companies to pitch their tunes. One melody in particular had the whole office singing for days on end... it was the clear winner!

We had to turn the commercial around in less than a month, so this involved meticulous planning for a long day of shooting in four different locations! This left us with just over a week to get the advert on air. The TellyJuice crew pulled it out of the bag and the advert is currently being broadcast across every Sky channel as well as Channel 5.

The accompanying print campaign will soon be seen in Reach PLC’s national and regional portfolio.

Shooting the local petition scene.

Traffic problems? In Your Area.

Local gigs? In Your Area.