Working at the heart of creativity: Clerkenwell Design Week 2016

At TellyJuice we are proud to be part of London’s most creative minds.  Today the rain may be falling on the streets of Clerkenwell as workers rush along Clerkenwell Road trying to avoid being splashed by puddles, but it’s a stark contrast to the street scene of last week.

From Smithfield to Exmouth market, Clerkenwell’s community of designers, architects, artists and artisans opened their doors and spilled out onto the streets for the 7th annual Clerkenwell Design Week.  The sun shone on the bright pink banners and signposts that were displayed in every direction you looked.  The champagne flowed, strangers chatted to strangers, neighbours met each other, private courtyards were open to the public and people wandered down alleys they’d never been down before.  It was a street festival of creativity.

There were 90 showrooms open to the public, several large-scale exhibitions, pop-ups, workshops and presentations.  From nightclubs to churches, every available space was given over to design week.  Even our foyer at 20-24 Old Street was turned into a showroom for Kirigram .

People walked miles around EC1 admiring the balance of form and function, aesthetics and sustainability.  Marble, wood, plastic, glass, iron, coper, stoneware, fabric, print, leather, living edge, reclaimed timber, seating systems, flooring solutions, iconic 50s and 60s furniture design, contemporary design, traditional materials, colour, weight,  quality, detail, colour, elegance, innovation, comfort, acoustics, durability were all buzzwords of the week.

There were seating booths and huddle pods galore – in short, chair heaven. You could see originals from Walter Gropius, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, and Marcel Breuer, to more modern designers like Alvar Aalto, Charles Eames, and Arne Jacobson, to name but a few.

TellyJuice Co-founder Niall fell in love with the Vitra nelson star clock.  I fell in love with these TedWood leather lamps. We both loved Howe ‘s Arne Jacobsen’s chair called The Tongue and coveted them in TellyJuice colours!

Everyone entered into the spirit of creativity, even the Crown Tavern just off Clerkenwell Green celebrated with this awesome blackboard:


Bring on CDW 2017 and, in the meantime, if you need a little creative inspiration take a look at our on-line Creative Cut documentary series.