Re-think Your Creative Ideas, Do They Spark Joy?

Everyone is Marie Kondo-ing the heck out of their living spaces. Sharing pictures of their perfectly ordered sock drawer. In human history have people ever been as proud of their storage solutions as they are in 2019? Maybe could we take inspiration from Marie and tidy up our creative process.

30 Years of the Web… And Our Bethan!

Tim Berners-Lee’s World Wide Web recently turned 30 and so did TellyJuice’s very own Bethan.

These two wonders of the modern world share much more in common than just a birthday, take for example…

The Oscars 2019: Mum’s the Word

This week saw Sound Editor Nina Hartstone win the Oscar for the film Bohemian Rhapsody alongside John Warhurst. Rather than hitting the headlines for this well-deserved accolade, she has been the topic of discussion after the BBC website referred to her as a “Sound Editor Mum”. This dubious title has since been removed from their website, but, when you consider how ridiculous it would sound if you flagged up a man’s parental status in a similar headline, it’s pretty disappointing. Could you imagine Alfonso Cuarón being referred to as a ‘Film Directing Dad’, for example?

Star of the ITV Palooza

TellyJuice were very proud to create the branding for ITV’s star-studded Palooza event last week.

TellyJuice Creates In Your Area Advert

The latest ad created by TellyJuice is guaranteed to get you singing. We were asked by local-news website In Your Area to create a launch commercial that would get their brand name firmly planted at the forefront of people’s minds. Director Kate decided the best creative for this would be an advert with a catchy song. Kate wrote the lyrics and asked several music companies to pitch their tunes. One melody in particular had the whole office singing for days on end… it was the clear winner!

Netflix Is Broadcasting Some of the Most Boring TV Ever

It’s a fact that modern life is more hectic than ever. Via phones, we’re constantly connected to others, subject to interruptions and bombarded with incoming information. For the sake of our well-being we’re encouraged to rebel against this fast-paced lifestyle, disconnect for a while, breathe, be mindful and generally slow down. Slow living is a lifestyle choice and can mean anything from slow cooking to slow fashion. But slow TV? How boring! Why would Netflix show 8 hours of people chopping wood and then burning it in a fireplace?

Creativity Is Now Available on Tap

If your creativity has run dry and you need a top up, you may be surprised to learn of one technique that could get the ideas flowing again… Booze!

Is It Too Hot to Work?

Did you know there’s a legal minimum working temperature in the UK (which is 16°C) however there is currently no upper limit set! Probably because our summer’s don’t usually require it…

Behind-the-Scenes of Ninja Warrior UK Aqua Park

Earlier this month we produced a 30 second commercial for ITV to promote the launch of the Ninja Warrior UK Aqua Park. Dave, Maddie, Lauren and the crew spent the day filming at the park on a lovely warm June day. However, despite the fun going on on-camera, they stayed completely dry.