UKTV Showcase

Our mums taught us that it’s rude to blow your own trumpet, but on this occasion we can’t resist

Because how many people can say that they’ve had their work displayed amongst the stunning contemporary art at the Saatchi Gallery?

Yes ladies and gents, we have achieved greatness as today the produce of TellyJuice was proudly displayed and played at UKTV’s Showcase held indeed at the Saatchi Gallery.

Picture of label and bench taken at the UKTV Showcase event attended by Telly Juice Video Production

And what a stylish event our clients put on. Star studded with Ronnie Corbett, Dave Gorman, Sir David Attenborough, Ross Noble, Jamie Theakston, Harry Enfield, Anthony Head, Charlie Higson, Sally Phillips to name but a few, UKTV kindly invited us along to see our work in situ, eat delicious bacon rolls and gawk admiringly at Ronnie Corbett. You’ve gotta love Ronnie.

The theme of the event was a British countryside ramble through UKTV’s upcoming content.  UKTV had asked us to make a really imaginative showreel that would excite viewers about their new programming, fit with the theme of the event, but also incorporate the UKTV brandings, logo and colour swatch.

We came up a graphic based British landscape that will lead the viewer on an imaginative journey, with a touch of the surreal.  Our designers David, Adam and Ajan created televisions that grow out of flowers, hot air balloons that have picnic baskets instead of regular baskets, and swarms of binoculars with wings.  A classic mini lead the journey through the graphic landscape and into the programme footage. We worked closely with the event team and used actual props for the event such as the mini, park bench and the backpack and brought them to life within the showreel.

The TellyJuice graphics team stood next to one of their designs at the UKTV Showcase event
The TellyJuice graphics team – Adam, Ajan and David – attending the UKTV Showcase event.

Our cherry on the cake was the blue door, designed by TellyJuice which became the main visual for the Showcase event.  As we approached the Saatchi Gallery we were very excited to see our 8 foot door outside the gallery, leading guests inside to the live programming installations around the gallery.  Inside, we’d created an animated version of it that was projected onto the walls around the gallery, brought to life with birds and butterflies and a countryside sfx soundtrack.

Darren Childs gave a introductory speech to the 500 strong guests and press and then the whole event kicked off with our showreel. It received many nice comments from guests at the event and on Twitter and needless to say our lovely clients at UKTV were delighted.

Another TellyJuice job well done.

End of shameless brag. Sorry mum.