What Questions Should You Be Asking for Testimonial Videos?

Success stories and testimonials make for great corporate videos, but no matter how experienced the team behind the production, testimonials videos are only ever as good as the response you get from your customer. So how do you get those ideal answers, the ones that are honest and illuminating and

What Makes a Great Company Culture Video?

Ever thought your workplace was so awesome and funny that you just had to make a video about it? Well, you can. They’re called “company culture videos” and, essentially, they are short films that display everything that is great about working for your company. They are supposed to be aimed

Behind-The-Scenes of the London Live Shoots

London Live launched their new on-air look on Friday. Here is a behind-the-scenes look at the production and the story behind the brand’s refresh. Check out the whole works to see what else we made to rebrand London Live.

A New Look For London Live

Today’s the day London Live‘s fresh new branding goes live on air.  Since it’s launch three years ago, London Live has grown into a premium channel with a broad and expanding audience and felt that the channel’s branding deserved a refresh.  After successfully winning the pitch, the TellyJuice team went

One week to go until London Live’s fresh new look

It’s been all hands on deck at TellyJuice towers this week, as we add the finishing touches to the fresh new branding for London Live. To celebrate London Live’s 3rd birthday on Friday, TellyJuice has given London’s TV channel a make over.  We’ve filmed on-air idents, tidied up the logo

Does nostalgia in advertising influence our perception of a brand?

Nostalgia has become a hugely popular marketing strategy for brands seeking to forge an emotional connection with the consumer. Now, companies are tapping into positive memories from the past, with beloved figures, retro graphics and favourite products to create positive brand association. Nostalgia and the psyche Adidas recently relaunched its

Where to distribute your corporate video online

Video is the most popular content on the web, which means the best way to advertise your business online is through promotional videos or brand films. Every quality promotional video has the potential to go viral if distributed effectively, giving companies and brands unrivalled exposure online. YouTube, for example, boasts

Tips for Looking and Sounding Good on Camera

The production company is booked, the filming day is on your calendar. You know your subject inside out but you still can’t get over the feeling of dread about shoot day… If you’re not comfortable being filmed, or it’s your first time in front of the camera, here are some

London Live and TellyJuice Collaboration

We are very pleased to announce that TellyJuice is working with London Live to produce a refresh of the channel’s on and off air look and feel, to coincide with the channel’s 3rd birthday on 31st March. Watch this space for more news and behind-the-scenes of the shooting and production.