Video Guidelines for Facebook

The launch of Facebook’s native video player ushered in a new era for the social network. Now you can see embarrassing status updates from your auntie in glorious technicolour. But with Facebook Video came a new box of tools for the budding e-marketeer. Before you embed your entire TV advertising

New Freesat Idents for ITV

Freesat asked us to create a series of new sponsorship idents that would air on ITV during their peaktime entertainment schedule. They wanted the idents to be on-brand for Freesat to drive awareness and recognition of the Freesat brand, but also look and feel at home amongst itv’s entertainment line

Why live events make great corporate videos

Picture the scene. Your company is holding an event. It might be an awards do, a product launch, a conference or a networking event. It might even be one of those ‘adventurous’ team-building weekends which require the group to scale a mountain, fight a bear and build an IKEA wardrobe.

How Brands Increase Engagement with Instagram Video

Telegrams, the Grammys, Kelsey Grammer—every era has its gram. For us, it’s Instagram. Like the metric weight measurement, but faster, brands have cottoned on to the importance of this gram, and many of them are using it to bring in kilos of customer engagement. Instagram is set to surpass Twitter

Christmas Commercials from Around the World 2016

We kick-started the seasonal festivities at TellyJuice with a few turkey sandwiches and a load of Christmas commercials to admire and critique at Christmas Clip Club. We decided to vote on Christmas commercials from around the world, scoring them on their creative concept and execution. Britain is famed for spending

Tips for an effective explainer video

“Wait, I can explain!” Whether you are a Kanye West fan caught listening to Taylor Swift, a TV fan who doesn’t like Breaking Bad or just a manager trying to explain something to customers and employees, this is something you may have said. And at times like these, don’t you

Christmas Ads: The Ultimate Guide to Best and Worst of 2016

Mid-November, the time when British supermarkets and department stores let fire their big guns: The Christmas Commercial. In recent years Christmas commercials have become a cultural talking point. We all have our personal favourites; some of us like sentiment, some favour humour and some want pure spectacle. Here they are:

Hedy Lamarr – Hollywood Star and Wi-Fi Pioneer

Hiscox asked us to create engaging video content for their website that champions women in tech. TellyJuice’s Jason suggested the idea of using Hedy Lamarr, the 1940s Hollywood actress and inventor of spread sprectrum communication technology. In plain English, ‘spread spectrum communication technology’ is a frequency hopping system that was

What makes a great induction video?

In theory, induction videos are a perfect way to introduce new employees to a company, its values and its workings. In reality, far too many induction videos reveal their parent company to be cringe-inducing, boring or trying too hard. They really can be quite difficult to sit through, but that’s

Video CV – Should You or Shouldn’t You?

A CV is the seed that sprouts into your career opportunities. Get it wrong and you could be doomed to a series of esteem-crushing rejections. Get it right and you could be at the centre of a war between companies who all want to hire you. But let’s face the

Creative Video Inspiration – Clip Club #6

Ian, our Senior Graphic Designer, kicked off our sixth Clip Club with a beautiful animation called ‘One Bright Dot’ by Paris-based motion designer Clement Morin. Created in Cinema 4D and After Effects, the main character in this film is a little dot of light. Poetic and expressive, accompanied by beautiful